Photography has been my passion for over sixty-five years. My first exposure to photography was while visiting a local photo finisher. I was hooked the first time I watched a print materialize in the developer, as if by magic. My first camera was a Kodak Box Camera, and I still have it as part of my collection. During the summer of 1946, at the age of 15 I altered my birth certificate and went to work for the railroad, painting bridges. It was hard, dirty work and by the end of summer I saved enough to buy a quality camera, a 2 ¼ by 3 ¼ Speed Graphic.

During the Korean War I was a photographer in the U S Air Force and during my last two years was assigned to the 3rd Photo Squadron in Wiesbaden Germany. Our primary mission was to provide motion picture coverage in Europe, Africa and the Near East. Our footage was used as press releases or as documentary material for the archives. As part of this group I traveled extensively throughout all of Europe, North Africa, the Near East and as far as French Indo China (Viet Nam). My assignment on this team was to provide still photo coverage.

I retired in 1994 and most of the work in this web site was taken since then. I have strong interests in Fine Art, Architecture, Panoramic, Travel, Landscape and Wildlife photography. I have a special interest in panoramic having made my first one in 1968. I took a series of shots covering a 360-degree circle, cut and taped them together. It was very primitive but it accomplished it’s objective. Panoramic cameras are not new to photography, I have an Al-Vista 5-B as part of my camera collection that dates back to late 1800.

In 1995 I made my first move into digital, I installed Photoshop, purchased a scanner and an Ink Jet Printer. In 2003 acquired my first digital camera and never looked back. In my opinion it is the most significant advancement since the inception of film. Some photographers have chosen to continue with film, they are missing out on one of the greatest technological advances.

In addition to photography I also collect Antique and Classic Cameras and I am a member of the Nikon Historical Society.

Thank you for visiting and your comments are welcome.

   Ted Pappas